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Welcome to George I. Sánchez


At George I. Sanchez our students will be the highest performing in the state. Students will be critical thinkers who are engaged, focused and committed.  We will provide a blended learning environment integrating innovative uses of technology, collaboration, and a global learning community to empower them as lifelong learners.


At George I. Sánchez Collaborative Community School we are committed to the high achievement and growth of every student, providing them with a rigorous academic program that sets high expectations and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills through inquiry-based projects.  

Through collaborative work between students, staff, families, and community partners, our students will be prepared with the academic knowledge and skills necessary for high school, leading to college and career success. 

With the mindset of innovation and investigation as guiding principles, students will use technology as a tool for gaining, applying and sharing knowledge.  Technology will be embedded in all that students do and no longer limited to a place they go.

Based on this philosophy we will strive for maximum flexibility to adapt to inevitable changes in technology and teaching methods.  We will move beyond the traditional isolated classroom toward small groupings of partnerships working together to celebrate the differences and similarities between age groups and to foster an environment of mentorship and community.

For Absences please call

505-253-0300 Option 2

Office hours:

M-F 8am-4:30pm

Phone 505-253-0300

Fax 505-873-1723


8:45 to 3:50

Students will not be dismissed after 3:00 PM (15:00 Hours)